Dating for blue collar man

by  |  05-Sep-2019 13:44

I have 8 years of university and my husband has about 1 year of college (he is a police officer so I'm not sure if that counts as "blue collar").

These relationships can work out quite well but I think (and this is just an impression I get), it requires some humility on your part Having a few years of college doesn't make one an intellectual that can outsmart someone on topics, especially the soft majors.

i'm sure he screwed her brains out too, which probably helps.

don't know what happened but i think they got engaged later.

I always think there is a fantasy world and there is reality world. How many people can even put food on the table for their families being a professional yet not world class swimmer? It may or may not work out in the long run, but I am used to certain life style and it is kind of hard to change to be completely honest.

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