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Internet communications expert Maksym Savanevsky believes that there is no need in a Ukrainian social network at all. To register in, one requires an invitation and electronic key which is a digital code made to reduce the number of fake pages – these are the precautions the website developers had to take due to ongoing hacker attacks.“Now we get more than 3,000 new users a day,” says Oliyarchuk.

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Online, you have these millions of potential dating partners to choose from.

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We want to create a platform that will unite Ukrainians from all over the world and will become powerful information weapon,” Oliyarchuk said.

Oliyarchuk refused to say how much the project cost and where the developers got the funding. Shortly after the website was opened for public the developers experienced some strong DDo S attacks so the website went down just several hours after its launch.

“They say they quit the Russian networks and do not want to use them anymore.” The network is gaining popularity rather quickly.

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