18 year old dating 17 year old california

by  |  16-Oct-2019 23:01

Safe sex saves lives as well as future hopes and dreams.

Charges of sexual misconduct are extremely serious for young people and adults, and require expert representation by skilled attorneys with specialties in the field.

This includes domestic partnerships registered with the state of California, which are identical to legal marriage.

Yes, if the marriage is legal in one state it is legal in all the others.

Specifically, the age of consent in California is 18.

Since California state registered domestic partnerships are substantially equivalent to legal marriage under California law, they are recognized as legal marriages for purposes of New York state law. Out-of-state domestic partnerships that have all the same rights as legal marriage are recognized as legal marriages in Washington, DC, pursuant to the Domestic Partnership Judicial Determination of Parentage Act of 2009.

Since there is only one year age difference it's very socially acceptable for the two to date.

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