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The annulment case was not finally settled until 1924, when the highest Vatican tribunal upheld the validity of the marriage and denied the annulment.The great majority of Christian denominations affirm that marriage is intended as a lifelong covenant, but vary in their response to its dissolubility through divorce.

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Judaism has always accepted divorce as a fact of life, though an unfortunate one: e.g., see Deuteronomy chapters 22 and 24.

Judaism generally maintains that it is better for a couple to divorce than to remain together in a state of bitterness and strife.

Cartoon parodying the 1906 divorce proceedings of Anna Gould (an American heiress and socialite) and Boni de Castellane (a French nobleman) in Paris, France.

Boni de Castellane then sought an annulment from the Vatican so that he could be free to remarry in the Church.

From ancient times, the get was considered to be very important to show all those who needed to have proof that the woman was in fact free from the previous marriage and free to remarry.

Christian guidelines for dating divorced people

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