Texlive updating tlmgr 2016

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Try opening a command line terminal and type in:sudo tlmgr update --self --alland see what happens. It seems to be "well known" (see here) that opensuse does not ship tlmgr in its distribution because it seems to be "incompatible" with the Ya ST RPM package manager... The tricky thing would be getting Ya ST to allow you to install other apps that have Te Xlive as a dependency if you don't install through there. But this only seems to affect the packages which include the binaries.

I'm SURE that I do not have the tlmgr executable... The La Te X packages themselves are not updated according to their versions on CTAN.

Yes.--- Arthur and the Lintillas gaining the upper hand, Fit the--- Twelfth.--- Douglas Adams, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Dear Norbert and many of the members of the Te XLive group,yesterday I was reading through the documentation of Te XLive, as I wastrying to use my university computer in my office, which is behind a proxy,so not allowing me to update my version of Te XLive 2012. Yes.--- Arthur and the Lintillas gaining the upper hand, Fit the--- Twelfth.--- Douglas Adams, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Your problem with the documentation is not unique to Te X Live.

I have spent 20 years of life for using thecomputer as an efficient machine, I was not born with it, and my family didnot have one. I'm just glad you tried to read the documentation at all. In general, starting from the top-level web page,tug.org/texlive, and specifically the installer documentation, might be best. Finally, regarding wget, TL itself provides the binary for Windows.

La Te X can be intimidating by its own, but I feel thatsometime the documentation might be not as helpful as it should be. There is normally no reason you even need to be aware of this.

So Iwonder how it is that you have to deal with it.

Thanks for your comments.k We use a proxy server Ah. Here's our attempt at addressing that: On wrote this: If you need to download through proxies, use environment variables ora ~/.wgetrc file with the .which leads to on what your specific proxy setup requires, you have to setone or more of the variables described there.

tlmgr update --selftlmgr: using pinning file C:/texlive/2012/../texmf-local/tlpkg/pinning.txttlmgr: package repositories:main = = saving backups to C:/texlive/2012/tlpkg/backups Preparing Te X Live infrastructure update...cannot set/edit root of a virtual tlpdb Backup option not implemented for infrastructure update. I am studying ancient Egypt, so I am not a computer specialist. Thequestion of configuring wget for a proxy raises issues well outside therealm of Te X Live and solidly in the realm of networking.

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