Dating stories cheerleader

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She let out a surprised moan as I teased her puckered hole.

Swirling my tongue, her anal resistance weakened as I slid a finger back in her ass.

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Not in a million years could I have been ready for this. Far as I knew, she was dating Elden Winster, the starting quarterback.

I pulled the two into my office and asked the obvious question, ignoring the question I really wanted to ask, "Why would you two choose to fool around in the janitor's room? I will ask you again how many boys have plugged your cunt? "A dozen or so," she whispered, humiliated to admit it. Allen." I grabbed her shoulders and gently pushed her onto her knees.

She again whimpered, although it sounded more like a whimper of joy than pain.

I wiggled around before sliding a second finger in.

"I apologized for the plagiarizing one, I was in grade ten and stupid. " Catching on to my implications, she smiled for the first time in a while, and using her sexual wiles, her voice dripped with seduction, "There must be something I can do to change your mind, Mr. I slid two fingers inside her damp pussy and she let out a pleasurable moan. "Well your cunt has been used way too many times for me to use and feel safe in, so I am going to get your ass ready for my cock," I replied rather casually. You do what I say you do or you are suspended." "But...." "But what would mommy and daddy say If they knew you had fucked some nerd at school?

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