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Taking the time to get to know someone as a person and not as a "type" (i.e.

teenage boy) can mean the difference between a real friendship, relationship and a superficial one.

The study suggested that love, a desire for real relationships and strong friendships among their peers motivate teenage boys as much as or more than sex does. About 40 percent of the boys surveyed were sexually active and most had either dated or were in the process of dating.

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Talk to your teen about what a good relationship is.

While you may think your teen already knows how to date, they probably don’t.

Teenagers are very complex and deserve to be respected for their layers.

While adults may view your romantic and platonic entanglements as being relatively innocent or superficial, it's important to recognize that the relationships you form now will help you develop relationships in the future.

You might have a few ideas of what teen boys are thinking, but if you can't answer without falling back on the stereotypes, it's time to get to know the boy as a person and not a category.

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