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The human nature and nature of humanity that allows us as a mammal to have such relics to debate over is the true miracle.

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"This stuff was manipulated - it was coloured on purpose." In the study, he analysed and compared the sample used in the 1988 tests with other samples from the famous cloth.

In addition to the discovery of dye, microchemical tests - which use tiny quantities of materials - provided a way to date the shroud.

Raymond Rogers says his research and chemical tests show the material used in the 1988 radiocarbon analysis was cut from a medieval patch woven into the shroud to repair fire damage.

It was this material that was responsible for an invalid date being assigned to the original shroud cloth, he argues.

Trusting that Jesus was the Son of God come to earth to take on a human body, and then crucified taking on the sins of the world, to return from the dead and then to be resurrected to heaven is enough.

Radiocarbon dating of the shroud of turin

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