Dating smith and wesson pistols

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Smith & Wesson Model 442 Pro Series In Smith & Wesson’s lettering system the smallest revolvers use the so-called “J frame,” and one of the smallest revolvers of all is the Model 442 Pro Series.Designed as a concealed carry revolver, the 442 is chambered in .38 Special and can handle more powerful, higher pressure P rounds.Although Smith & Wesson is best known for its handguns,the company now makes guns of all stripes, from revolvers to pistols to their own version of the AR-15 rifle.

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By Austin Knudsen I return to these pages with yet another entry into my quest for quality, affordable handguns for the budget-minded shooter.

This time, it’s a used Smith & Wesson 5906 chambered in 9mm.

Smith & Wesson 1911A1 The patent on John Moses Browning’s 1911 handgun design ran out long ago, and nearly all gun companies now manufacture their own versions of this iconic handgun.

Smith & Wesson is no exception, producing its own S&W1911 E-Series pistols.

The revolver frame is made of aluminum alloy to reduce overall weight with the cylinder itself made of carbon steel and barrel made of stainless steel.

Dating smith and wesson pistols

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