Updating map on tom tom one

by  |  20-Sep-2019 01:18

The update software will not work with a Windows 64 bit operating system. I sent several messages to Customer Support, and failed to receive any response whatsoever other than offers of discounts on new devices.

If they cannot support the existing device, what is there to entice me to buy a new one, which will obviously fail to be supported in the near future?

Also found another in the trash, that still works and am in the testing stage of it's capabilities, now.

Story short, I'm done with TOMTOM, for good and suspect that many others are, as well, judging by the reviews! Recently, with the 6 April rollover event, an update was required to keep the device optimally performing.

Had some problems with another Tom Tom after updating so very leery, when the latest email came in for offering a last time update.

My worst fears were realized and even worse, as it is now useless, with not being able to find any satellites, at all.

Never get lost again with a Tom Tom global positioning system (GPS) device, designed to show you your location and offer you turn-by-turn driving instructions.

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