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I also added a chapter for Johnny's friends and another for the "Episodes From Liberty City" disc. The higher your Wanted Rating, the wider the Wanted Zone becomes and the harder it will be to escape. You will see a little arrow pointing up (if they are above you) or pointing down (if they are below you).

I also added new information based on what I found when playing through "The Ballad of Gay Tony" for the following chapters: "Was It Worth It? If they do not have an arrow then they are at the same level as you are.

Should you want to quickly go back to the top of this document input the four letter code for the Table and you will instantly be back at the top of the guide. You can chase the Police Maverick away by killing the gunmen on the chopper. To the left of this entrance, on a taller interior wall, is the Seagull. Go into this alleyway and you should see a ruined railroad track. The Seagull is sitting on the roof above the leftmost dock door. Climb these stairs and, once on the catwalk, head west. Go up the stairs, turn left, go down the stairs, then forward across the street and turn right. /XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 0XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX0 | II.15. [AGQ-S21] - At the edge of a walk path at the northwest side of Middle Park. [AGQ-S22] - At the edge of a walk path at the southeast side of Middle Park. Turn right and head north (and toward the Libertonian Museum) and you should find the Seagull on the ground at the left edge of this path after walking a short distance. Rotate the camera left to find an alley and the Pill Pharm next to it. [AGQ-S25] - Sitting on a railing on the upper walkway for the Grand Easton Terminal. Take the stairs up then head north and under the tent near the railing. It will simply revert to 80 rounds when you switch to a lower shotgun. It has longer range than any shotgun plus machine gun fire capability, when holding down Fire Weapon, and maximum ammo of 250 rounds.

/==XX====XX====XX====XX====XX====X##***##X====XX====XX====XX====XX====XX== 0===XX====XX====XX====XX====XX====X##***##X====XX====XX====XX====XX====XX===0 | Table of Contents [TBCT] | 0===XX====XX====XX====XX====XX====0##***##0====XX====XX====XX====XX====XX===0 ==XX====XX====XX====XX====XX====X##***##X====XX====XX====XX====XX====XX==/ /XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 0================================================0 | I. A well placed shot to the head of the pilot will bring down the chopper. [ALD-S13] - On a ruined railroad track across the street from the Sprunk Factory. On this track, about ten feet from the road, is the Seagull. [ALD-S15] - On a railing for a catwalk in front of Globe Oil. Just before the stairs leading back down to ground level is the Seagull sitting on the railing. Go west into this alley and you should find the Seagull next to a small group of trash cans. After a short distance you will find the Seagull sitting on a concrete post that is part of the railing. Free - Spawns at your Safehouses for successfully completing 40 Gang Wars. You can cause a whole lot of carnage with this toy. Notes: This weapon will allow you to send Grenades further and more precisely than by just throwing them.

A lot of time and effort was spent putting this thing together and that should be taken into consideration. "Respect is everything." Besides, contacting me will also give me an opportunity to hook up and talk shop with fellow GTA IV "thuggers"..... You need to either outrun the Cops (low Wanted Ratings) or use alleys, back roads, and tunnels (high Wanted Ratings) to escape from the Cops.

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