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Usual sins include sodomy and adultery; theft, lying, perjury, deceit, slander, extortion, making false covenants, breaking promises, and murder.

The standard punishment found in the majority of texts is for the wicked to be fed fetid and putrid things while waiting thousands of years in the company of demons until the final resurrection.

Although this has been identified as the Aras River, parts of this geography are mythological and so not easily identified with actual places.

Some texts speak of the individual judgment as a balancing of good thoughts, words and deeds against their opposites, but the judgment also can play itself out in the physical manifestation of the bridge as either a wide walkway for the good, which allows them to reach the peak, or a sharp and narrow razor-edge for the wicked who fall into hell.

However, the Book of Arda Viraf elaborates on all manner of punishment, which are so disgusting that E. West’s translation in Sacred Books of the East broke off midway, explaining: “From here onward the pictures of the tortured souls become too nauseous to follow.” Indeed, they may also be forced to ingest and devour horrid things (their own corpses, flesh and excrement, menstrual fluids and semen, blood and brains from skulls of the dead and their own children).

Zoroastrian dating

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