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Emre: When I first started researching it, I hadn’t realized that Myers and Briggs were the names of two women.

Like many people, I had assumed that they were two men who had found themselves working together in a clinic or a laboratory, had come up with this questionnaire and had popularized it through their connections in the business world, in the military, in the church, all of the different institutions where Myers-Briggs is really prevalent today.

[email protected]: What is the answer to that question? The motivations were different for mother and for daughter. She is interested in how one can type one’s children very early in life and figure out what they should specialize in.

She thought that this was really valuable for parents because you wouldn’t push your children to do things that they didn’t innately prefer to do.

When I discovered that it was a mother and daughter, the popularity of it acquired this new fascination for me.

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