Dating in the dark us what happened next

by  |  11-Oct-2019 07:12

Does anyone else know, and is this the key to stopping Adam and Sic Mundus?

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Also in the show's finale, the passage between the different timelines (the Sic Mundus door), which is located in the caves and was previously blocked by Jonas, reopens and is discovered by Katharina.

By crawling through, she will surely survive the apocalypse and travel to a different time. We know that her son Mikkel is still trapped in 1986.

That allows him to journey anywhere in time, and not simply 33 years into the past or 33 years into the future (the solar and lunar cycles supposedly align every 33 years), limits that the other time-travelling devices impose on their operators.

Adam shot Martha because it's the pain of that loss which will spur Jonas on to do what needs to be done, however cruel.

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