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Whether you want to fantasize about a sexy Blonde from Odessa, a sultry brunette from Gorky Park or an Americanized Russian expatriate who is learning the lay of the land by working her way through the strip club scene while sucking off strangers in the back room - it’s as easy as choosing the one you want to watch and finding a towel to help you clean up after you finish off your new Russian mistress right now.

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It’s also worth noting, that because Russia is such a large and diverse country, there are an amazing range of women who all come from that same nation.

Eskimo style exotics from the North, westernized metropolitan girls who are all about glamour and so many rural farm girls who want to help you stay warm through the long winters.

For some the Russian Spy or Soviet defector fantasy remains as vibrant today as it ever was.

Her accent, and that aggressive ‘give me your cum now’ attitude that is pervasive in female Russian culture always continue to keep this nationality at or near the top of everyone’s ethnic preference list.

Watch thousands of the sexiest Russian women ever filmed each try to win a gold medal by swallowing cock, fucking faster and cumming harder than any other competitor in the worlds best hardcore competition as brand new amateurs and already proven pornstars of the adult entertainment genre!

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