Exhausted from dating

by  |  05-Aug-2019 03:57

Being tired from spending time with your partner is not a good feeling.

But how do you know if you're being totally consumed by your relationship?

Though it's easy to point fingers, the call may be coming from inside the house, as it were."I urge clients to pull back when they feel this. Regardless of who is responsible, the answer is to go inward and take some time to figure out what you need. "When you’re spending more of your energy that you want to on your partner and his [or her] needs, a break is going to seem like much more than a break." Though we all need alone time, this extreme feeling of looking forward to having solo time is a flag."It’s going to seem like a cause for fireworks, champagne corks popping, and a loud 'Whoopee! "If you’re all that excited to have a weekend alone, consider that the reason for your joy is that they're draining you when they're around." Not a good sign.

"If they are draining you, first look at you, then look at them," she says. "You should be happy to have a break, but not that happy." If you don't miss your partner when they're gone, then it might be time to give the whole thing some thought.

"However, it is in the small moments, like when they text you or as you're getting ready to go out together, that you will find the most telling signs of how your partner is affecting you emotionally."She continues: "Over time, Friday night date night may become routine, and no longer elicit the same butterflies of excitement — but does it make you feel tired and disinterested?

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