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While I like Kai and Danny a lot as individuals, I'm not sure they work at all as a pair. This takes me to my second argument, which is the cynical one: I don’t really trust this matchmaking system.

So far, our matches are two attractive, relatively low-key people in Brandon and Aasha, two free spirits in Basit and Jonathan, and two chaotic forces in Nour and Jasmine.

Kai has spent the bulk of the season in a sexually bombastic — but definitively doomed — relationship with Jenna, one that has played out like an extremely watchable version of Tennessee Williams goes to spring break.

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Justin seems like he's got the kind of forward sexual energy Max needs to draw him out of his safe cocoon, while Max has been the only person this season able to re-focus Justin's wandering eye.

I think they have shown eons more chemistry than the pair you're backing. No show consistently gets me fanning myself the way Are You the One? But again, as we saw with Jenna and Kai this season, passionate sexual chemistry is not necessarily the makings of a perfect match.

What that ultimately means is that a confirmed Max and Justin mean that the other un-matched dominos (Danny, Kai, Remy, Kari, Kylie, Jenna) fall into place quickly, based on previously ruled-out pairings.

It's not like all 10 of the possibilities that include Danny and Kai can come through.

Which leaves us with only two viable possibilities for that second match in week 1: Max/Justin or Danny/Kai.

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