Updating path in linux

by  |  19-May-2019 02:28

After upgrading Java, if you do not update the Java path, you may face some challenges while upgrading from an older version.

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It is a colon delimited list of directories that your shell searches through when you enter a command.

All executables are kept in different directories on the Linux and Unix like operating systems.

Note: If BMC Remedy Smart Reporting and BMC AR System are installed on the same machine, when you update the Java path for AR in ARSystem Installed file, the updates are applicable for BMC Remedy Smart Reporting also.

So, you need not update java path for BMC Remedy Smart Reporting in ARSystem Installed file.

is constructed as a concatenation of (1) the current working directory, (2) content of PYTHONPATH environment variable, and (3) a set of default paths supplied by the installed Python interpreter.

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