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Medellín vs Manizales, which of these cities in Colombia is really the better place to live?In our Medellín vs Manizales comparison, we comprehensively compare the two cities in in 16 categories to see which is the better place to live in for expats.

And the low daily average ranges from 61.7 to 63.3 ° F (16.5 to 17.4 °C).

In Manizales, the temperature during the entire year averages a cooler 62.6 ° F (17.0 °C).

The all-time record low in Manizales was 34.3 °F (1.3 °C) and the all-time record low in Medellín was 46.4 °F (8.0 °C).

Also, most apartments and houses in Manizales don’t have heaters in my experience, so it can get cold at night when inside.

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