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He has also appeared in annual charity stand-up shows with fellow comedians. Previously, Tosh dated model Megan Abrigo for few years. The couple’s relationship has been questioned several times due to several rumors that have emerged regarding their split.

Daniel Tosh is 6 feet 3-inch tall guy with a perfect body measurement size. However, the pair seems to be getting along pretty well together with no signs of an imminent split.

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According to Celebrity Net he’s “only” worth $1.5 million but when contract negotiations come up he can expect something similar to Chappelle’s infamous $50 million contract that sent him packing.

Whenever someone gets big, the public hungers for and demands to know every single little detail about the figure they follow.

Daniel Tosh's net worth is $16 million, as of 2018.

In 2013, Forbes estimated his net worth was $11 million and he was listed in its list of all top-earning comedians whose income is primarily from stage ticket sales.

He’s even beating South Park, which gets 3.7 million on average.

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