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Needless to say, we were most concerned about the safety aspects. The fact that Jumea had made the trip on two previous occassions with his colleagues made us confident.Almost immediately, the frenzy of getting things done started.Barely two months after we set foot in the Gulf, and hardly had we settled down, the question was posed to us by my husband’s Omani colleague Jumea Al-Harthy and his wife, Awatif: Would we like to join their family on a land trip to Mecca in the coming summer?

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Although the vehicle’s air-conditioning system was working well, we had no illusions about the soaring temperature outside as could be seen by the mirages that loomed endlessly ahead of us.

By then, we were going at an average speed of 140km/hr.

A quick snack followed before we pressed on towards Sila, 400km away, the UAE exit checkpoint before stepping on Saudi soil.

By now, the kids were keeping themselves entertained with the board games and toys they had brought along.

I have mnay goals and I wil do all my best to reach them.

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