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Migrants from the latter have given rise to a small Spanish-speaking community on Antigua. Given the creole nature of its culture, it is not surprising that the language spoken by the vast majority of Antiguans and Barbudans is a creole, often referred to as Antiguan creole. The other language is standard English, which is the official language and the language of instruction.

This linguistic situation derives from the colonial history of the nation, which was one of 350 years of near continuous British rule.

It very quickly developed a "political arm," which later became the Antigua Labor Party (ALP).

This radicalization increased under the leadership of Bird, the ATLU's second president.

The turning point in this history of anticolonial struggle was the series of peasant/worker insurrections that occurred in the Caribbean between 19, with the latter year being the one in which Antiguan and Barbuduan workers and peasants revolted.

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