Douglas fairbanks jr dating

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He and Linda are happily married until a patroness of the ...See full summary » While the police investigate the latest in a series of mysterious disappearances of older women, they are led to a matchmaking service run by Mrs. Meanwhile, the service's newest client, Laurita Dorsey, begins a relationship with Rex Willoughby, an elegant gentleman she met through the service.The showcase piece of the paper part of the collection is an elaborate scrapbook compiled after Fairbanks’ death in 1939.

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Although the materials have been in storage boxes since 1952, they arrived at the Library in good condition.

“Everything is in amazingly good shape for having been in storage for half a century,” said Robert Cushman, the Library’s photograph curator.

The only problem is that the husband has been dead for quite some time, and his wife had...

See full summary » In the 1920s, enterprising Louise Randall is determined to succeed in a man's world.

Before returning by train to her practice in Chicago, she spends time back East with war veterans, building their self-esteem,...

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