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That’s why his arrival at Erin’s home gets such emotionally stirring music. I‘ll show you how to love me.” Now that is a moment crafted to set a ship to sail.needs for an already-confirmed season 3.

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Although James “dated” Ukrainian refugee Katya (Diona Doherty) for an episode in season 1, he’s obviously lacks “moves,” to use Erin’s word.

And who wouldn’t want to watch a few panicky episodes of Erin and James trying to hide their love from Michelle?

It worked out perfectly - we spent the rest of the festival in what I like to call our 'relationship bootcamp' and by the end of the month, we had our whole future planned out." When it came to popping the question, there was only one destination on Sean's mind. "He pretended that he had a last minute gig, then he tricked me into hiking up Arthur's Seat, where he pretended to slip on a rock and whipped out a ring.

I said yes, although I genuinely still thought there was a gig and started rushing him back down the hill so he would make it on time." Two years later, the couple had their nuptials at Cabra Castle, Co Cavan with a humanist ceremony Diona describes as "super inclusive" for family and friends from a variety of backgrounds.

In the fog of post-split confusion, John Paul says yes.

Dating diona by

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