Arab wabcamchat - Rowupdated vs rowupdating

by  |  26-Aug-2019 05:36

What I want is to be able to update a user's roles based on the selections in those checkboxes.

The problem is I don't know how to access those checkboxes that were generated by the Repeater, so I'm not getting very far.

I was able to make it sort of work by using the Check Changed event on the checkboxe...

Therefore I cannot use the declarative (aspx) representation of the Grid View to write out template fields. For example (this is oversimplified), if a given property on the object a row is binding to is a boolean, I may want the Edit Item Template to display a Drop Down List with two items, ' True' and ' False' the a...

How do you assign control events to control created in a gridview Item Template?

Data Bound:- THE Data Bound is Similar To Row Data Bound in That Both are Fired After a Bound Event has Happened. Find Control("ddl") as Drop Down List; It remains null................. In Custom Control, Grid View Row Updated event not getting called.

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