Ted turner dating marlo hampton

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#rhoa pic.twitter.com/kmsp9M2v OI — Marlo Hampton (@iheart Marlo) April 16, 2018“I would definitely get rid of Kenya – she would be gone before she even came,” said Marlo.

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The web series features Marlo and her equally fashion-forward pals chatting about love, life, and everything in between while trying on glamorous clothes and sipping cocktails. Reunion “I’m just dating, I’m having fun,” she says.

“Nothing too serious.” That said, the Atlanta gal revealed with a laugh, “I’ve seen seeing one guy for two years and today I’m not that happy with him.” “I’m not married, dating is dating,” she added.

As per 2017-18, her net worth is estimated to be around $600K.

Speaking of love, Marlo Hampton said that she's been dating some lucky fellow Peter Thomas.

I’d at least add on two new people, and of course I’d make Marlo a housewife and give her a peach or a full time friend.

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