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Soon, with the help of her parents, she was playing gigs—a mix of original music and Lisa Loeb, Sheryl Crow, and Fleetwood Mac covers—at local bars and restaurants around her hometown of Sedona, Arizona. Her next two singles continued to build on her fellow teens' appetite for romantic reverie: "All You Wanted," a catchy anthem about unrequited love, and "Goodbye to You," a break-up ballad from .) "Michelle was different," says Holly Adams, the SVP of of Special Projects at Verve, Branch's new label. '" Soon after her marriage, she gave birth to their daughter, Owen, now 11.

"Because they served alcohol, the minute I was done, I would have to leave the venue," she says. "It broke the day I signed to Maverick Records." By the time she walked into the Maverick offices, Branch had already opened for Hansen, but the invitation to meet with the label, founded in part by Madonna under the Warner Bros. Adams was also the marketing coordinator at Maverick when Branch came in for her first meeting. Writing songs about love and heartbreak had mass, relatable appeal—but she hadn't experienced much of either herself until she was 19, when she began dating the 38-year-old bassist in her backup band, Teddy Landau. "A lot of people were very nervous for me," says Branch. "I was thrown into a situation where I had so many responsibilities at such a young age, so I felt a lot older than I was," she says.

But I liked her voice."Cut to 2015: The Black Keys had released eight studio albums and skyrocketed to fame as genre-hopping mavericks.

That February, Carney and his then-wife were hosting a Grammy party at the Chateau Marmont.

"He said, 'The worst that can happen is that you finish this album and you get dropped,'" says Branch.

"'But for your emotional well-being, you need to make it and get on with your life.'" It turned out they didn't need to: in another familiar twist, the executive who'd told her the first few tracks of the album "didn't sound like her" had been let go too. 7 didn't make Branch wait any longer, and Michelle Branch's voice is still deceptively strong—it's become more raw and sultry with time, imprinted with actual love and loss, not just teen projections.

In record time, she staked a place in the musical landscape.

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