How much does money matter in dating

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At my age, that is not too much to ask if you've got your shit together.If for some reason, my SO doesn't make that kind of money, they better be in transition of some sort.It’s hard not to know at least one person who has either used a spouse as a walking ATM, or has been in a sugar mama relationship.

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I'm more than happy to pay for meals and dates if I have the higher income, but he'd better not expect me to start buying him expensive gifts or whatever.

When I started dating my fiance, I was making $25k a year and he was making $5200. It's no big deal because he doesn't have tastes or spending habits that don't match his income. My SO makes WAY more money than me, and before we got engaged told me he had "a little" debt.

Money also gives you the power to leave a bad relationship. It gives you options, and not just on where you can go out for a date.

Without having an income, it becomes extremely difficult to leave a bad relationship — especially if you’re living together.

By having your own money, you’re allowing yourself the freedom to leave an abusive or toxic relationship at your own leisure.

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