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Actually, California seems to have more companies producing wine coolers than beer.

We started snipping these ripe bines of Crystal at sunrise, and they hit the brew kettle mere hours later. That way our Quality Control Team can get back to you quickly and address this issue.

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The association’s Technical Committee, which includes representatives from many of America’s most celebrated breweries, has discussed bottling dates, and is currently considering how the 2011 Food Modernization and Safety Act would impact any guidelines they implemented.

“I do expect that there will be a best practices statement related to clear, easy-to-comprehend date coding for packaged beer that will be finalized by the committee at some point,” Gatza said.

Cases, on the other hand, have a "MM-DD-YY" on the Beer's Jason Alström tipped me off about Sierra Nevada's bottling dates (which are stamped on the shoulder of Sierra's bottles: The first four digits are a YDDD date (that is, Julian date, year-leading.

The letter following the date identifies a brewing tank at the brewery, and the last five characters indicate the bottling time (using a military-style 24- hour clock).

Skyy Blue malt beverage is isn't really vodka, and it isn't really bottled by Skyy; it's a malt beverage bottled by Miller Brewing, so it uses the Miller expiration codes. Today is 08319.) consumer guide to beer product dating.

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