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Just because she covers her hair, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t drink or that she’s waiting until marriage. That being said, the Tatar women in traditional garments aren’t very responsive to foreigners.

They might chat with you for a while, out of politeness, but ultimately it’s a dead end street.

Half of the girls look normal, like any other basic white (well, white-ish) girl.

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When it comes to Tatar girls, there isn’t subtext or undertone to most of their statements. Though it makes life easier in the long run, a lot of flirting strategies don’t work on Tatar women.

When she says she’s interested – she is interested. For instance, on Tinder: You will notice it right away when you step into Kazan.

Tatarstan is one of the wealthiest republics within the federation. That being said, family is still a top priority for Tatar women.

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