mr bean guide to dating - Dating a homebody

by  |  18-Sep-2019 18:45

They should’ve known better than to become friends with a homebody.

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So this guy’s gotta learn that “maybe”actually means “no”.

You feel kinda bad, but then you get back to Netflix and forget all about it. Your bed is a warm fluffy cloud, dotted with body pillows, head pillows, soft down comforters, fleece blankets, and a cute stuffed toy thrown in for good measure. You only go out when you feel that you will spend time with someone really special, or if an event will fulfill your life in an enriching way.

Here are 13 signs that you’re most definitely a get dressed up, wear painful shoes, and stand around in a bar, spending way too much money on bad alcohol, and get harassed by strangers? Books and movies are far more entertaining than mindless chit chat with humans. Everyone else is staying in to watch that mini-series, so for that brief weekend, everyone just you.

And maybe someday you’ll venture over to his place to spice things up.

You’ve got a bunch on hand at any moment, and are constantly coming up with new ones. So your significant other had better be a homebody as well, and learn to nest in your house.

Dating a homebody

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