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Thanks largely to resident Robert De Niro, Tribeca is home to a noted film festival and its spacious, pricey loft apartments and fine dining attract the rich and famous.

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For example, Midtown between 34th and 59th streets, where many famous sights are found, is less than a mile and a half long and easily walkable.

The winding lanes in the older parts of the city also are quite walkable, but in these areas street maps or cell phone maps are recommend to guide your way.

Like its East Side counterpart, this neighborhood is bordered with parks, Central Park to the east and beautiful Riverside Park along the Hudson River.

Many hotel choices make it a good area for those who prefer a quieter neighborhood. The attention to detail is incredible." "Your hotel reviews are so helpful.

It is home to “Museum Mile,” eight excellent institutions along Fifth Avenue, including the world famous Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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