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I wrote once two posts, one of the origin of Finns and Saami, one of the origin of Ashkenazi Jews. All comments are negative, so no Finnish university teacher never wants to have comments. I, of course as alert as always reading papers, noticed that if this is true, then Ashkenazi Jews can only have come to Italy when there were the Langobards and they can only have come from the Byzantine Empire after the failed rebellion and the order to convert or leave. I would have noticed that the author of the post probably read this one paper, got an idea that the Jews come from the Byzantine Empire if the paper is correct, and wrote it as a post.

It has hardly anything to do with the original Kabbalah. In Idra Zuta nothing shows it is meant as a symbol.

The origin of this Kabbalah is really silly: one modern (20th century for God’s sake) Rabbi decided that he has the explanation to Zohar and Luria’s kabbalah, so he wrote an explanation. I pointed to this commenter a sentence in Idra Zuta, “and all companion drink blood”. Before that place in Idra Zuta and Idra Rabba there is discussion of the Short Face’s nose.

I can tell about another commenter in The Unz Review (sorry, I still follow this web site), from the same ethnic group.

I just had a long, long discussion on medieval ritual murders and Kabbalah.

It is simply like this: I read one article from the web, new at that time, it was many years ago, and it suggested the time frame 600-800 AD for Ashkenazi Jewish admixture with Italians.

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