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Left untreated, wooden crossties had a life expectancy of only five to seven years.

Based on the frenetic pace of laying new track and the subsequent demand of timber supplies, rail companies hatched the idea of treating the ties to increase their life expectancy.

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Track spikes are designed to maintain gauge between the running rails and also they are mean to secure the rail to the tie.

Track spikes have various shapes serving for different functions.

Spikes with various sizes are provided to meet the different requirements of penetrating length of spikes. Railway screw spikes are usually used to fasten railway ties or sleepers and also they also can be used in conjunction with plastic ferrules, casted into concrete ties /sleepers.

The common track spikes are the 5/8”*6” and the 9/16”*5-1/2” for smaller rail sections, and they are usually secured in either 200 lb. Rail screw spikes can be various in thread profiles, lengths, diameters and drive heads based on specific geographic requirements.

Raw Material→Wiredrawing→Rod Cutting→Head Forming→Edge Cutting→Thread Rolling→Heating Treatment→Surface Treatment→Final Inspection→Packing→Shipment Firstly, the screw spikes provides more than twice of the holding power than that of the dog spikes.

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