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Controversy is already swirling around the debate, which will be broadcast across local television networks at 7pm Jakarta time The candidates have been given the questions - focusing on law, human rights, terrorism and corruption - in advance amid concerns that the two men might escape having to address more controversial issues such as human rights abuses in Papua, in the far east of the Indonesian archipelago.

But while his "ordinary man" image inspired many Indonesians, some analysts say he has proved less impressive as a leader.

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"(There's a) sense that it's not the same kind of contest.

It seems that there is less at stake, or at least that's the perception.

In Indonesia, Bina Antarbudaya – AFS Indonesia manages the YES program in partnership with the local U. The Department of State and the YES program work with Mobility International (MIUSA) to provide students with disabilities leadership-building workshops, appropriate information and support as needed to enhance their year in America.

Applicants with disabilities are encouraged to contact their YES office for information on eligibility.

Prabowo served in the military from 1974 to 1998, before being discharged after he was accused of human rights violations in relation to coordinating riots in 1998 in which more than 1,000 people died, as well as the murders of pro-independence activists in Timor-Leste during the Indonesian occupation from 1975 until 1999. Jokowi's choice for vice president, Ma'ruf Amin, 75, is the head of Indonesia's top Muslim clerical body, the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI).

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