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Yiannopoulos, who rode the angry gusts of Gamer Gate to become the inaugural technology editor of the far-right, has sensed the potential of the Chanterculture better than anyone. In an extraordinary November post called “Why I’m Winning,” he attributed his sudden rise in popularity to his willingness to go against the grain of a reflexively liberal internet media in thrall to the chilling forces of political correctness.

And then he made a telling appeal to his audience:“If you have ever felt bullied, or victimised, or harassed, or marginalised – not by bullshit imaginary concepts like the 'patriarchy' but by people who want to stop you expressing yourself and who call you a loser, a manbaby, a shitlord, a privileged cishet white male – then Milo Yiannopoulos is for you.”Think for a moment about the demographic Yiannopoulos is appealing to as victims: young English-speaking white men, perhaps the least victimized group of people in the world, to whom popular and consumer culture have long catered and who are now angry because they are not doing so quite so much as they were, gosh, a year ago.

If you were going to draw up a short list of places on the internet that should be excited about the first good Star Wars movie in more than three decades, you would have to include 4chan and 8chan.

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This new movement, and it is a movement, combines age-old racist and sexist rhetoric with bleeding-edge meme culture and technology.

It unites two equally irrepressible camps behind an ironclad belief in the duty to say hideous things: the threatened white men of the internet and the "I have no soul" lulzsters.

But this year Chanterculture found its true hero, who makes it plain that what we’re seeing is a genuine movement: the current master of American resentment, Donald Trump.

Everywhere you look on “politically incorrect” subforums and random chans, he looms.

A legion of horribles chasing Ellen Pao from Reddit for trying to make it marginally less hateful.

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