Updating tomtom 1

by  |  05-Jul-2019 08:17

Connect your Tom Tom GPS device to the computer with the USB cable that is provided with the Tom Tom GPS device box.

Then, wait for the device to connect to the computer.

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Tom Tom GPS maps are rich with layers of information like speed limits, safety cameras and landmarks.

Each time you update your Tom Tom GPS maps, you will have the latest and most accurate information on new roads, junctions, road rules, speed limits, safety alerts including speed cameras, school zones and red light cameras, as well as new points of interests such as sporting venues, hospitals and airports.

If you’re updating the device for the first time, then it will take some time checking for updates.

The device will now check for all the available updates for your device.

Use smartphone, tablet or PC to review real-time traffic information, plan routes, and send destinations to your Tom Tom GO.

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