Usps tracking not updating christmas

by  |  10-Jun-2019 19:46

It used to mean something when you said the United States Postal Service.

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Normally, because of the layout of his route, our mail does not arrive until much later in the day, but because he noticed the shipper, he said he "had a feeling" it was supposed to have arrived sooner and he wanted to make sure it got to us "before Santa left." HE was our real Santa that day!

While I acknowledge that UPS drivers are hard-workers with a lot of pressure, none of the drivers on our route have ever been very friendly; however, every USPS mail carrier on this route in 10 years has been beyond pleasant and treated our packages with care.

For now, you can catch the ornament in action via the video down below.

Update: USPS posted more information here about the ornament, including how it gets power while hanging on your tree. Despite indications that the device is ready for use on that site, we've been told there's no timetable for availability.

I'm so appreciative for people like her who take initiative to prevent this from happening!!

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