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Before property is transferred to the State, the State Controller’s Office sends a notice to all property owners with property valued at or more informing them that they have property that will be transferred to the State unless they contact the business by a certain date.

The State Controller’s notice includes the name of the business, the contact information, the type of property and the amount.

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Please note: It remains the member’s responsibility to ensure that the scheme receives all claims/accounts in time for prompt payment.

Once the claim has been processed, full details will be printed on the member’s claims statement, which will be distributed on a monthly basis.

There is no time limit on claiming your property once it has been sent to the State.

back to top Investigators are not allowed to contract with a property owner to help the owner recover unclaimed property once a business has notified the State Controller’s Office that the property will be transferred to the state for safekeeping.

You can file a claim at any time after the Unclaimed Property has been transferred to the State Controller’s Office.

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