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As Fire Chat’s ‘network’ grows over time, Open Garden plans to make the technology available to companies that develop apps and devices.The first few partnerships will be firmed up before the end of this year, the company said.

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Pub Nub makes this signaling incredibly simple, and then gives you the power to do so much more with your Web RTC applications.

Good, that never-ending quest for knowledge will get you far in life.

Enter Fire Chat, which makes it possible for users to privately chat on the smartphone without a data plan or even a network. Here comes OM (Offthe-grid messaging),” said Micha Benoliel, co-founder and CEO of Silicon Valley-based Open Garden, which has created the Fire-Chat app.

The app, which is currently free, makes it possible to chat on the smartphone without a data plan or network through peer-to-peer mesh networking technology and ‘store and forward’ capabilities.

function allows you to define a callback that takes a session as a parameter for when a call event occurs, whether that be a new call, a call hangup, or for losing service, you attach those event handlers to the sessions in function which takes a number and an optional list of servers to place a call. In our next two parts, we walkthrough how to add a number of additional features to your Web RTC video chat application, including: make/end Calls, thumbnail streams, mute call, pause video, and group chatting. Web RTC is not a standalone API, it needs a signaling service to coordinate communication.

Hot chat peer to peer

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