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To be sure, one man's pragmatism is another man's perfidy.Even so, Christ himself recognized the need to render unto Caesar: a convenient injunction for those who would seek a good living as well as good living. The present reviewer found himself recently at Sunday worship in St. "O Lord, save the Queen" had been erased from the order of service and in its place was written, quite without embarrassment, "O Lord, save our rulers" Somewhere in that humid outpost a new Vicar of Bray was memorizing Mao.

The first was Parson Woodforde, the second the Vicar of Bray.

$32.50.) Of the two best-known English churchmen of the eighteenth century, one spent his days dizzy from port while the other (who needed a clearer head) was mostly dizzy from politics.

Anglicanism's ability to acquire protective clothing has been, over the years, little short of miraculous.

Making peace with the powers that be has been the key to its survival.

The traditional alliance between the High Church and the Tory Party was shattered, and in its place came a more relaxed attitude to the politics and churchmanship of the Whigs.

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