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I’m a Chinese Canadian in Vancouver so maybe my experience is different from Asians south of the border, but I used to think the same way about being asian in a western climate...until I started actually putting effort into myself to become a better person.Clothes, skin, fitness, mindset, confidence, the whole nine yards.

That's a statistical claim, so of course there will be outliers. Just because you are doesn't mean that the problem doesn't exist for everyone one. I just have empathy for people who are experiencing frustrating problems, and then get told by people who don't have that experience "lol stop complaining and pull yourself up by ur bootstraps."To be honest, a lot of Asian men aren't attractive by western standards.

I'm Chinese American but get enough compliments to know I'm fortunate looking.

I can say now that my former lack of sexual experience was NOT a race thing, and in non-dating situations I can’t think of a specific instance where I was fucked over because of my race. Too many dudes, especially non-white dudes, have colorist hang ups over white women.

They aren't the end all, be all of feminine beauty or attractiveness.

As a guy I don't want to use the word toxic but man those 2 asian subreddit are not a place I want to hang around. It is true we asian men do have it tougher than white men (im not going to compare asians to other non-other races, im sure they go through their own difficulties), a lot of these guys just don’t want to look deeper into themselves instead, they’re being lazy about it.

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