I 9 updating and reverification

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Therefore, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will regularly extend a country’s TPS designation and automatically extend the employment authorization documents (EADs) for TPS employees.As a result, USCIS has permitted the practice of presenting an expired EAD under these circumstances, provided that the EAD has been automatically extended by Homeland Security.Below are a few of the most important changes in the newest version of the M-274 Handbook for Employers: The previous version of the Handbook instructed employers not to reverify List B identity documents.

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The only exception is for workers with a job profile of “Unpaid Academic.” If those workers move into paid status, their Academic Partner will receive a “To Do” item in their Workday inbox to initiate the Onboarding process for the employee if necessary, which will include the prompt to complete a Form I-9.

New employees that do not have previous working relationships with UW must complete all sections of Form I-9 in Workday.

Though Workday comes with a number of delivered reports, they will sometimes produce misleading data because they do not account for I-9s collected before Workday go-live.

This report provides a summary for workers in various stages in the onboarding process.

Be sure they are filling out Section 1 properly and you are entering information in Section 2 properly using the journey map below.

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