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On the right side are a hold switch and a button that turns the player on/off (press and hold) and controls the play/pause media function (quick press). The volume can also be controlled by sliding your finger or thumb up/down the touchscreen, starting from the middle right side, but I find its responsiveness to be a bit sketchy.

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Samsung’s newest digital media player, the YP-P2, was recently awarded the sixth spot in TIME Magazine’s list of the top 10 gadgets of 2007.

playe Its touch-based interface, large widescreen display, and Bluetooth support certainly make it worthy of the honor on paper, but what about in practice? Check out my P2 unboxing for a look at the player’s packaging and included accessories.

It isn’t that much bigger than the K3, but it also isn’t that much smaller than the Zune.

In other words, the P2 is treading dangerously close to hard-drive-player size.

Unmistakable resemblance to the i Pod touch aside, the Samsung P2’s streamlined design is a definite head-turner.

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