Ubuntu updating nvidia drivers

by  |  19-May-2019 20:27

ubuntu updating nvidia drivers-74ubuntu updating nvidia drivers-22

Done Building dependency tree Reading state information...

Done The following additional packages will be installed: bbswitch-dkms gnome-screensaver indicator-session libaccount-plugin-1.0-0 .........# apt install bumblebee linux-headers-generic Reading package lists...

You can see computers which have two graphics cards: Intel and Nvidia.

In this case, you install the two and switch to choose the one to use.

The lure of new and improved drivers is one of the reasons why many Ubuntu users chose to ride the interim releases or (in some cases) switch distro entirely. Users of any Linux distribution based on Ubuntu u18.04 LTS, such as Linux Mint 19.1, Zorin OS 15 and elementary OS, will be able to take advantage of this.

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