Arab and black dating

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(2) (3) (4) Hi everyone, Just thought I should get your view on this topic.

Anyway you might be light-skinned; however u r still non-muslim, non-arab. I have seen several Lebanese men married to black women in my church. Just enjoy ur relationship and don't let people feed you with different ideas that will make you want to spoil what you have.

He mite be the westernised type shaa, since he was born here he might not care so much about his home culture n walk u down the aisle. It is because of historical reasons why they do not want black women on a larger scale.

There is an ancient poem in which they described the womb of a woman to be an oven.[i]"Black woman burns her bread, white woman under cooks hers and an Arab womanbrowns hers to perfection." [/i]I am going to see if I can find hi,i do not mean to discourage you,but its true.

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