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Upon induction into The Texas Music Hall of Fame, the band reunited in 2012.Margaret Moser (Austin Chronicle) said they are, "The Fathers of Alt-Country and Americana".

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Bob Oermann (Music Row Magazine) referred to them as, "The band that started the modern Texas Music scene".

Mario Tarradell (Dallas Morning News) calls them, "A mythic and legendary band".s, Kevin for better or for worse can be held responsible for an entire sub genre of local and regional music.

A little bit Tex-Mex, a little bit blues, a little bit singer/songwriter, a lot of rock and roll.

Born and raised in Houston, Tx, Nick Diaz honed his craft over the years spending time and performing in New Orleans, New York City, San Francisco and now Austin, Tx.

According to folk songstress Odetta, it was her mother who gave Elliott the name when she remarked, "Oh, that Jack Elliott, he sure can ramble."Pressured by his parents to follow in his father's footsteps and become a doctor, Elliott resisted their urging.

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