Why i quit dating god dating service and chat room

by  |  09-Sep-2019 04:11

And I ask: what kind of a culture do we have where it’s expected that women do all of the work in a relationship?

Because that’s pure bullshit and it’s also a setup to fail. I personally began to judge myself: “did I dress too provocatively, was I too open, was I seductive, and then I said “STOP”.

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Because those relationships are ultimately going to be the ones that mean the most.

Whether they stay platonic forever or develop into something more intimate, those will always be the relationships worth investing in. The ones worth expending your energy on, day after day after day.

I’m a huge believer in the friends-first approach to dating.

In the process of getting to know someone completely – with both of your guards down and minds open – before you even begin to consider whether or not they would fit into your life as a romantic partner. The past events that still affect your present and the ways in which you’re simply imperfect.

Because if you’re going to make it work with someone – actually, genuinely make it work – they’re going to see the less glamorous parts of you eventually. And so why not get those out of the way from the get-go?

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