White athletes dating black women insurance provision for dating website

by  |  18-Nov-2019 11:44

Sonya, a fair-skinned African-American woman, told that Shinn thought she was white and was upset that a black player (Dell) was married to her.

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It was titled, Black Women are not Uncoachable, they are Unprotected.

As a black woman myself, I took great interest in the topic. The article began with a question, “Why do Black athletes marry white women? This question was asked via Twitter by Redskins team member, Lyndon Antonio Trail.

They develop a self-hatred and see their blackness as a sickness.

Thus, they try to remedy this “sickness” by washing themselves clean through whiteness. And one of those constructs was creating the perfect woman: submissive, quiet, appeals to the man, gentle, white, etc.

Thankfully for everyone involved, he no longer owns the team.

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