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He passed away after production on the show’s fourth season had wrapped.How the show incorporated his real-life death: His absence was not addressed until well into the series’ fifth season, when it was explained that Jock perished in a helicopter crash. Cast member and year of death: Michael Conrad, 1983 Conrad played Sgt. His work as the gruff but big-hearted cop — who famously ended every morning roll-call with the words “Let’s be careful out there! Esterhaus succumbed to urethral cancer during the show’s fourth season.Cast member and year of death: John Spencer, 2005 Playing Leo Mc Garry, the feisty White House chief of staff who served Jed Bartlett for two terms, Spencer gave his character such steely competence, it was hardly a surprise when show writers had him become the running mate of Presidential candidate Matt Santos (Jimmy Smits) in the series’ final two seasons.

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How the show incorporated his real-life death: After hearing of their plans to splice in footage of Reeves and shoot a stand-in from behind, an incredulous Larson rejected their offers — the series ended, with an impressive 104 episodes, in April 1958. Cast member and year of death: Jim Davis, 1981 Davis — who played Jock Ewing, patriarch of the Texas oil-baron clan — was diagnosed with multiple myeloma during the fourth season of the blockbuster-hit series.

To accommodate his worsening condition, he was often shot sitting – and he was given a hairpiece to hide the effects of chemotherapy.

(He, of course, soon returns to his conniving ways.) Hagman died of acute myeloid leukemia in November of 2012. R., in a nod to his famous “death” in the season 3 finale of the CBS series, is shot and killed offscreen in an episode that ran in the reboot’s second season.

8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter (television) Half-hour television series on ABC, premiering on September 17, 2002, and ending August 19, 2005. After John Ritter’s unexpected death during production of the fourth episode of the 2003-04 season, James Garner joined the cast as Cate’s father, Jim (Suzanne Pleshette played her mother, Laura, briefly) and the series title was shortened to 8 Simple Rules with the seventh episode.

" /Presents positive images of family, teens, and parental guidance. Parents need to know that despite a bit of iffy language ("damn," "ass") and some fairly light sexual innuendo, this sitcom offers a positive representation of family, teens, and parental guidance.

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